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Interface Magnetic Level Indicator

The KM26 MLG has proven itself to be a safe, reliable, maintenance free solution for total and or interface level detection in toxic, corrosive, high pressure, and high temperature processes ABB offers the standard KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge with a chamber of virtually any non magnetic material, extruded process connections, a custom engineered.

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    Magnetic separator

    Magnetic separator is used to re-use powdered granules to remove iron powder and other screening equipment.

  • Flotation cell

    Flotation cell

    Flotation machine is the abbreviation of flotation concentrator, which refers to the mechanical equipment that completes the flotation process.

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    Spiral classifier

    The classifier is widely used in the beneficiation plant and the ball mill to form a closed loop process to split the ore

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    Ball mill

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    Cone ball mill

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  • Magnetic Flapper Level Indicator

    Magnetic Flapper Level Indicator

    Magnetic Level Gauge. JMG Magnetic Level Gauges are a safe, economical way to measure and control level through a wide range of process pressures, temperatures, and fluids. Each component of the JMG (chamber, float, and indicator) has been engineered to improve on existing designs to ensure reliable, maintenance free operation right out of the.Level Indicator,Level sensor,Level Switch,glass level Gauge,Magnetic float level indicator UHC type Magnetic Float Level meter 1) Measure ranges 0~6000mm 2)measure accuracy 5mm 3)nominal pressure ≤PN2.5MPa 4)fluid density ≥0.5g cm3 5)working temperature 20~450 C 6) level transmitter and level switches can be added on order.

  • Jerguson Magnicator Magnetic Level Indicator

    Jerguson Magnicator Magnetic Level Indicator

    Magna Site™ Magnetic Level Gauge. The KENCO Magna Site is a magnetic level gauge used to determine the volume of liquid contained within a tank. Because the Magna Site eliminates the need for glass, high pressure applications and hazardous locations are protected from the danger of a chemical spill due to glass failure.MAGNETIC LEVEL GAUGE. Magnetic Floats. the magnetic attraction between the Indicator and Float will ensure that the Indicator will track the position of the float exactly and the liquid level is measured precisely. High Pressure Interface Float with Field Adjustable Weight.

  • Jerguson Magnicator Magnetic Level Gage Clark Reliance

    Jerguson Magnicator Magnetic Level Gage Clark Reliance

    QTS Level specializes in the development and engineering magnetic level indicators, liquid level gauges and valve product lines. We also manufacture, steam level indicators, and liquid level gauge accessories. direct insertion radars measure interface and direct level of liquids and solids, both of high and low pressures and temperatures.Magnetic Level Gauges Magnetic Level Gauge Switches. The LMS200 electric switch is a magnetically actuated double pole double throw switch. When the LMS200 is mounted on a KM26 magnetic liquid level indicator, LS series cage level switch or an external chamber that contains a magnetic float, it can sense high or low levels within a vessel.

  • Magna Site Magnetic Level Gauge Kenco

    Magna Site Magnetic Level Gauge Kenco

    Jerguson Magnicator Magnetic Level Indicator The Magnicator Indicator is connected to a process vessel. The chamber, or “column”, contains a sealed float with a permanent magnet assembly which rises and falls as the liquid level changes in the process vessel.Products Level instruments. ITA Magnetic Level Gauge. The ITA level indicators offers a reliable, accident free and maintenance free usage through a simple and break resistant construction at a maximum process pressure of 320 bar and a temperature range from 50 C through 400 C.

  • Magnetic Level Gauges Klinger Italy

    Magnetic Level Gauges Klinger Italy

    Magnetic Level Gauges Operation instruction manual OI KM26 EN Rev. E 04.2012 Introduction With over 350,000 installations worldwide, the KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge has provided custom engineered solutions to liquid level applications in industries such as oil and gas, refinery, chemical, petrochemical, power generation and many . The.Quotation for Magnetic level gauges. Use the following configuration guide to select the model number. Required Information 1. Magnetic level gauge to be used for a. Level b. Interface 2. Service liquid, please specify a. Upper liquid specific gravity b. Lower liquid specific gravity 3. Operating pressure Maximum pressure 4. Operating.

  • Magnetic Float Sensor

    Magnetic Float Sensor

    Indicator flags are rotated by the float magnet assembly as it moves up and down in the chamber providing highly visible indication of where the level is inside of the vessel. Magnetic Liquid Level Gages are an attractive alternative to sight glasses for many applications.Bypass level indicator With magnetic display Model BNA Bypass level indicator, model BNA with level sensor and magnetic switch Applications Continuous level indication without power supply Indication of the level proportional to height Interface layer level measurement from ∆ density.

  • Magnetic Level Gauges Supplier Manufacturer

    Magnetic Level Gauges Supplier Manufacturer

    Level. Magnetic level gauges utilize a float that contains one or magnets. As the float rises and falls its magnetic field passes up and down the level column. The level indicator follows the magnetic field. There are two general types of indicators used. The bullet type is a single point indicator that travels up and down a tubular guide.The level gauge model BNA consists of a bypass chamber, which, as a communicating tube, is connected laterally to a vessel via at least 2 process connections (flanged, threaded or welded). Through this type of arrangement of the level gauge, the level in the bypass chamber corresponds to the level in the vessel.The float with a built in permanent magnetic system, which is mounted within the.

  • Magnetic Float Level Meter Level Meter

    Magnetic Float Level Meter Level Meter

    UHZ D electronic color magnetic sub level gauge to solve the above problem, a breakthrough in circuit design, measurement range of similar products on minor faults, while ensuring low power consumption, any measurement can be customized highly. With magnetic flap turn indicator.The switch may be used in a pump, an indicator, an alarm, or other devices. Magnetic float sensor is an electromagnetic ON OFF switch. It helps to sense the level of water present in the overhead tank or sump. 1.1 Working To complete a circuit, float switches utilize a magnetic reed switch, which consists of two contacts sealed in a glass tube.

  • Magnetic Level Gauges

    Magnetic Level Gauges

    The magnetic level gauges is suitable for tasks involving liquids or dangerous gases and toxic and where some features benefits or options as an immediate response to level changes and precise continuous control of liquid level or a Wide range of pressures up to 200 bar are required.Bypass level indicator With magnetic display Model BNA Interface layer level measurement from ∆ density Bypass level indicator, high pressure version, model BNA H Bypass chamber from stainless steel 150 U M 100 ~6 ~5 3 1 Page 6 of 16 KSR data sheet LM 10.01 ∙ 01 2015.